Jeffrey Earnhardt Gaining Attention And A Growing Fan Base

Article By: Marty Tyler

I enjoyed speaking with Jeffrey Earnhardt earlier this race season but after his recent Nationwide Series Daytona run, I just had to talk with him again. Yes he started 30th and finished 30th, but if that’s all you know about his run that day unfortunately you truly don’t know much at all.

Within no time at all it seems Jeffrey had worked his way to the top 10. It was incredible and something you would expect to see from a seasoned veteran in a well financed, longstanding, championship caliber equipment. Yet that was not the case. What was happening was this young, extremely talented driver, in the best Rick Ware car he has driven to date, took advantage of every on track opportunity, backed down to no driver with seniority or otherwise, just did what he knows how to do and headed for the front! Watching him was reminiscent of world famous family members’ style of driving. He definitely is a perfect example for “in the genes” theorists.

“We really didn’t have that good of a car for qualifying but the car just seemed to work great in the draft and we used that to our advantage in the race. It really was no problem for us to go straight to the front. It really was a rocket ship. It was unreal how good the car was. Once we got up front we could stay there as long as we needed to and we were up there all day long. I was real excited. It was so great to have a car that was actually capable of winning.”

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