New Season Approaching

Mooresville, NC – The 2013 NASCAR Nationwide Series season comes to an end and Jeffrey Earnhardt finds himself reflecting on the past 3 years. “We’re slowly but surely making progress and like NASCAR days of old, we’re having to earn every opportunity” said Jeffrey. “We’ve had ups & downs but our team is committed to a long term vision and things are progressing.” Earnhardt competed in 17 races this season and earned valuable seat time. “Early on we knew this was going to be a marathon and seat time was the main goal. We brought home clean cars and completed races with a lot of hard work and a team effort.”

“We’re creating long term partnerships with our sponsors and the fans see that we’re moving forward. I think they like the fact that nothings being handed to us and we’re coming up through the ranks the way my grandpa, DW and the others did. Next season will be better than this one and every year I take a step forward is another move towards the goal of competing for a championship in Cup.”

Blueprints are being drawn and when Jeffrey and Go Green Racing head into 2014 you can rest assured that Jeffrey and team have the target in sight and will be taking the next step towards having the Earnhardt name atop the leader board once again.