Kentucky Speedway

rookie of the race kyThis weekends Quaker State 400 was an exciting race with no shortage of unknowns. NASCAR was testing out a new downforce package, the track completed a repaving project and Goodyear had a tire selection that required on the job education for drivers and teams. The #32 Visone RV-Keen Parts Ford Fusion qualified in the 38th position but is was evident early that Jeffrey Earnhardt was going to do his best to improve upon that effort. The challenges led to early cautions that delivered many seasoned drivers to the garage for the day. Earnhardt and his GoFas Racing team modified their strategy to weather the storm and with some help from Lady Luck, finished the day 10 spots forward resulting in 28th place when the checkers flew. “I felt like this was a day when a lot was going to be put back in the hands of the drivers” said Earnhardt. “We’re all in the same boat when you have a lot of variables so it’s important to be patient and see what the track brings to you. Our team saw what was happening and we remained on the lead lap late into the race by hitting the right lines and staying in control of the the car. We got bit by some cautions after we green flag pitted but you can’t see that coming. Winning Rookie of the Race was very cool and I’m happy for everyone involved and being able to give our fans something to be excited about. It’s a marathon for us so it’s definitely great to get a few prizes along the way.”