Jeffrey Completes Barber Challenge

POYNT-CAR-BARBER1-300x18131 March 2012 – In just his 2nd Grand-Am race of the season, Jeffrey got a taste for one of the more challenging road courses in America. Barber’s changing elevations and hairpin turns gave Earnhardt a full dose of Grand-Am racing. “That wasn’t the finish we were shooting for but the experience was valuable” said Jeffrey.

“We had some penalties that set us back but in the big scheme of things we learned a lot. This is a work in progress. The car is custom built. It’s still kind of new to me and each race we learn about areas for improvement. Chris Cook is one of the best in the business and he’s giving me guidance on things that I can work on.” The colorful POYNT-FASTWAX.COM Mustang certainly caught the eye of media & fans and Jeffrey, Chris & team will do their best to take what they learned at Barber to improve their position at the Grand Prix of Miami on April 29th.