Earnhardt And Voodoo Unveil A Success

As the Rick Ware Racing team was taking care of business at Chicagoland Speedway this weekend, owner Rick Ware, driver Jeffrey Earnhardt and RWR’s marketing team hit the “Big Easy”, New Orleans, Louisiana.

The unveiling of the New Orleans Voodoo/AFL car was full of fan fare as Jeffrey signed autographs and took photos with fans outside the Superdome. complete with hats, shirts, hero cards and the traditional Mardi Gras beads.

“The unveil was a huge success,” stated owner Rick Ware. “There are a ton of fans in this region that rarely get to meet a driver or touch a car and I am glad we got the chance to do so.”

As the Voodoo prepared for their game, honorary captain Jeffrey Earnhardt joined the team for the coin toss wearing his #1 Earnhardt Voodoo jersey and wished the team good luck against the league leading Jacksonville Sharks.

The highlight of the weekend occurred when the #41 Voodoo car hit midfield during the halftime show featured on the NFL network. The crowd of 10,000 plus fans in attendance went wild as Earnhardt introduced the Voodoo car to the Arena Football League spectators.

“I can’t wait to drive this car to the front at Daytona!” stated Jeffrey. “Arena Football, New Orleans and the Voodoo are in for a great treat. I love this town and hope to come back to celebrate with them after the race!”

The New Orleans Voodoo/AFL car will compete at both Road America and