The 47th Annual AAA 400 Drive for Autism

je ryan dover 2016-1Dover, DE – The 47th Annual AAA 400 Drive for Autism had no shortage of action and unfortunately no shortage of challenges for
the #32 GoFasRacing CorvetteParts.Net Ford Fusion. Starting in the 39th position, Jeffrey was prepared to let the green track rubber up and then make some moves to gain position. “We didn’t have a great practice and with qualifying rained out our starting spot was in the back of the field,” said a disappointed Earnhardt. “I had a pole here in the K&N Series but that seems like a lifetime ago. This is a different world and things are a lot more competitive. We knew we’d have to work hard for position and take advantage of the attrition but the car started getting real hard to turn. I had great communication with the team and warned them that we were losing steering so once I knew it was only going to get worse we had to go to the garage for repairs.”

The race certainly had attrition and while the #32 car came back in one piece, the mechanical issues kept them from taking advantage of the situation. “That’s racing” commented Jeffrey. “Everyone busts their backs to prepare and when these things happen we take our lumps and live, learn and move on. While we all want to get faster and finish better I’m proud of the fact that we’re not tearing up cars and finishing every race I drive. We’re gaining experience with every race and we’ll continue to get better.”

The next race is the Sprint Showdown in Charlotte and Jeffrey’s looking forward to announcing his newest sponsor partner and the opportunity to get back in the action.