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Headed to Indy

je mowerGaffney, SC - Jeffrey Earnhardt headed to Indianapolis Motor Speedway with one mission in mind, race a complete race after several weeks of healing from a broken collarbone suffered during a motorcycle crash. "The pain was pretty significant right after the accident but I was able to start races and keep in the points" said Jeffrey. "I knew it was still going to hurt in Indy but I couldn't go another week getting out of the car mid race. Unfortunately we had the engine issue but it was good for me to get back in the saddle full time."

Dixie Chopper was the title sponsor for Indy and Jeffrey had a great experience meeting the Dixie Chopper team and signing autographs at the sponsors booth.

“Dixie Chopper Mowers are really cool. They have so many neat products and it’s definitely the mower to use if you’re a professional groundskeeper or homeowner looking to tackle projects with ease” said Jeffrey. “I look forward to working together in the future and can support Dixie with confidence because they offer quality products that really work.”

Earnhardt will be entering Saturdays US Cellular 250 at Iowa Speedway sitting 18th in NASCAR Nationwide drivers points. Race coverage begins at 7:30 pm on August 2nd on ESPN.


Challenges at The Monster Mile

Dover, DE - The Monster Mile had some challenges in store for the #4 team of Jeffrey Earnhardt during the past weekends Buckle Up 200 NASCAR Nationwide Series Race. Starting with a practice crash caused by leaking fluids on a competitors car and a backup car that took most of the evening to prepare, the #4 team demonstrated a gritty perseverance to make the race but it wasn't enough to avoid a 30th place finish. "It was tough to lose a good car the way we did in practice but sometimes you go through these things and it brings you closer as a team" said Jeffrey. "After the crash we pulled out the backup car and the guys put in an incredible effort to have a car ready to race on Saturday. I stayed with the team to pitch in and was humbled to see how hard everyone worked to make sure we could race. No one likes to come in 30th but when you fight as a team it definitely brings you closer and more eager to get another shot at the next race."

FASTWAX.COM and the Austin Hatcher Foundation sponsored the #4 Camaro and the extra effort wasn't lost on the sponsors supporting the youngest Earnhardt driver. CEO Darren Ellsmore had this to say about the team fielding a car for the race, "When you sponsor the smaller teams they go the extra mile to make sure you have a positive experience. I knew the backup car wouldn't let Jeffrey race up front but the fact that they didn't let us down and still made the race says a lot about the character of JD Motorsports and Jeffrey. We've been supporting Jeffrey since the beginning and have confidence that sooner than later all of this hard work is going to reward everyone. I'm proud of his perseverance and everyone at is proud to be a partner with Jeffrey and the JD Motorsports family."

During the weekend Jeffrey had the pleasure of visiting Dover AFB and received a base tour with some of America's finest. See this quick video of his visit:

The next race is scheduled for June 14th at Michigan International Speedway.


Charlotte Bound

Charlotte, NC - Ten races into the 2014 NASCAR Nationwide Series season and Jeffrey Earnhardt sits 15th in points. Completing every race of the season has been a valuable experience for the 4th generation Earnhardt driver.

"We come into Charlotte with a lot of clean laps under our belt" said Jeffrey. "We realize the speed will come with more sponsorship funding but you see a lot of the well funded teams crashing out of races and we're finishing. We've had some top 20 finishes and while we'd love to have wins and top 10's, it's a process that requires more funding and more seat time. I'm real happy with my team and the efforts we put in each week and thankful for the sponsors that support us. If we keep doing what we're doing and can bring in new sponsor partners we'll be moving up in points and finishes and we'll be sure to open some eyes in the Nationwide Series."

The History 300 race is Saturday, May 24th and ABC will begin television coverage at 2:30pm.