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Team USA and Crowdfunding

Mooresville, NC - The team at Jeffrey Earnhardt Inc. were intrigued by crowdfunding and started tossing around ideas that would provide a venue for fan participation with a theme that best represented Jeffrey. He's an avid outdoorsman, fitness fanatic, immersed in charitable efforts and everyone at JEI loves a cold beer so the choices were many. All of those have tremendous merit and then Jeffrey said "the American Flag." JEI is a patriotic group so there was zero resistance but why the flag? Jeffrey had a simple response, "Everything we enjoy is because we're Americans. We're blessed with so much because of this country so I want to run the Stars & Stripes." In JEI fashion, beers were opened and a toast was had. Old Glory it is!

A campaign was started on and a voice could be heard cheering, LET THE GAMES BEGIN!

"We are excited to go grassroots with this opportunity and carry the Nations colors on Jeffrey's car" commented JEI's Nikko Lavey. "We'd love to grow this into a regular part of Jeffrey's sponsorship and create a TEAM USA in NASCAR driven by the next generation Earnhardt."

Racing the American Flag to the Checkered Flag is the goal. Please visit this link to donate and join our team.


Strong Run at Auto Club

1Auto Club Speedway, Fontana CA - Jeffrey Earnhardt received the call to replace team owner Jamie Dick behind the wheel of the #55 Viva Auto Group Chevrolet after Dick received medical news of his diagnosis with diabetes. "Hearing about Jamie's condition was terrible. He's been very good to me and to have someone as nice as him having to get that news stopped me in my tracks" said Earnhardt. "I'm happy he asked me to come out and drive but my thoughts are on his health."

Jeffrey flew out as soon as he received word and the team made the changes necessary to get Earnhardt in the drivers seat. Starting from the 27th position, it wasn't long before the #55 maneuvered through the competition and was demonstrating that even on short notice driver & team were ready to compete. "The guys did a great job setting up the car and after we made some adjustments we found ourselves running in the top 15. As we saw the speeds picking up we decided to stay out and had the #55 leading the race for 3 laps" commented Jeffrey. "Our lap times were strong and if we didn't have the power issue I'm pretty sure we would have finished with a top 10."

That power issue ended up being a battery failure that required a long stop that sent the Viva Autogroup AutogroupChevrolet into a prolonged repair and 4 laps down. Once repaired, Earnhardt didn't yield another lap and remained competitive with the race leader times. Jeffrey said, "these things happen. It's a shame it happened on a day when we were clearly competitive but that's racing. Hopefully we'll have more days with strong runs and the breaks will be in our favor."

Jeffrey is working with Jamie to plan more races this season and will have news on the next race with Earnhardt piloting the #55 soon.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Jamie Dick for his quick recovery.


Early Setback for Earnhardt at Atlanta

2China Grove, N.C. (March 2nd, 2015) – It was a long day for Jeffrey Earnhardt and his Viva Motorsports team as a part failure relegated them to a 32nd place finish in the Hisense 250 at Atlanta Motor Speedway. The No. 55 Fronius USA/Viva Auto Group Chevrolet rolled off in 34th place after Earnhardt and Crew Chief Mark Setzer struggled to find the qualifying feel they were looking for. However, as soon as the green flag dropped Earnhardt started picking his way through the field. The forward march was short-lived as a broken shock mount on the right rear sent the Fronius USA/Viva Auto Group machine sliding through turns 3 and 4, bringing out the caution. Earnhardt pulled into the garage and the Viva Motorsports crew replaced the broken component, but not before the field went back to green flag racing. This deficit could not be overcome for the remainder of the race despite Earnhardt’s ability to run lap times competitive with the leaders.

Start: 34th

Finish: 32nd

Driver Points: 17th

Owner Points: 24th

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