RGS Labs International Inc, the makers of FW1 Wash and Wax, was formed in early 2001.  FW1 is an aerosol waterless wash and wax for your car, truck, RV, and more. In early 2003, the FW1 name had become synonmous with water conservation all across the United States and interest was growing from countries around the world.  In 2004, the first overseas container of FW1 was shipped to Australia and the Aussies flocked to the product.  When the guys at RGS Labs first met NASCAR Sprimt Cup Series driver Jeffrey Earnhardt, it was May 2009, and FW1 was selling in 15 different countries around the world including South Africa, Spain, Japan, and Canada.  In October 2009 FW1 and Jeffrey Earnhardt raced at Talladega Superspeedway for the first time.  It was during that race weekend when FW1 also found a home at the International Motorsports Hall of Fame.     For more information please visit